‘Natural Resources’ at Lawndale Art Center, January 28-March 12 2011

Posted January 20th, 2011

Natural Resources, a new performance and installation work by The Bridge Club, will be on view at Lawndale Art Center in Houston Texas from January 28-March 12, with a one-night live performance during the opening reception on Friday, January 28.

About Natural Resources
Natural Resources investigates conflicting human relationships with and within the natural world through the use of two ‘natural’ substances: milk and petroleum oil. Oppositional in color and perception, these two substances are loaded with multiple metaphoric meanings and expectations (i.e., ‘mother’s milk’, ‘black gold’). Harvested or extracted from our natural surroundings for human sustenance and consumption, both offer metaphors for political or politicized human interactions with the natural world as relate to the natural and built environment, human and family relations, agriculture and animal husbandry, food and other resource production, biology and sexuality, ecology, and resource depletion.

During a one-night live performance the four members of The Bridge Club, costumed as clinical, domestic or scientific ‘resource workers,’ engage in a processing of materials and objects from everyday human life. Objects processed either in oil or in milk are carefully codified and methodically layered into large glass jars, evoking the preserved sustenance found in a pantry or the preserved posterity found in a science lab’s specimens. The mundane trappings of daily life are thus subjected to natural forces resulting in the potential for transformation, preservation or destruction.

Look for images to be posted to the ‘works’ area of this site following the performance, or please come by if you’re in the Houston area!