Performance for FLUX 2012, Atlanta, October 6 2012

Posted July 2nd, 2012

The Bridge Club has been commissioned to create a live performance work for FLUX 2012, a one-night live art festival presented by Atlanta’s Flux Projects, to take place on Saturday, October 6, 2012.

The Bridge Club’s performance, titled Loose Snare, will involve the four artists of The Bridge Club moving intentionally through the fabric of the crowd at a visibly slowed pace, following an internal logic or set of ‘rules’ for movement that is not immediately apparent to viewers, but whose pattern can be visibly detected with careful attention. Each performer will carry a ladder or step stool, which will then be sporadically set up both amidst and apart from gathered viewers, and used by the performers to climb up above audience level. Each performer will also carry a custom-made, Victorian-style ‘ear trumpet’ that will be used to visually communicate a physical effort to hear something ephemeral over the din of the crowd. This visual clue will in turn signal to the audience to also listen, possibly allowing them to better hear the sound emanating from audio equipment hidden on the performers’ bodies, and thus creating ‘quiet’ moments within the crowd.

The four performers will repeatedly and slowly disband and converge throughout the performance’s duration. This repeated slow convergence, at times joining or fracturing existing groups within the crowd, will operate as a subtle visual and psychological attempt to ensnare disparate individuals, as if pulling taut a rope around an invisible space. Performance action will thus interrupt existing relationships and form new relationships among gathered viewers. As the four performers lose proximity to one another, their collective identity is lost, but as they re-converge purpose becomes more apparent. This work investigates the nature of both shared and isolated experience even within a crowded mass or community.

Other artists participating in this event:
Jacob Abramson & Suzette Guy
Amber Boardman
Stefani Byrd + Wes Eastin
Eli Keszler
Evereman & Catlanta
Emily Kempf
Nicole Liveratos
Dorothy O’Connor
Ben Rollins
David Yu

Images will of course be posted here following the event, and we look forward to meeting folks in the Atlanta arts community!