February Performances

Posted January 14th, 2014

The Bridge Club is pleased to announce two upcoming performance engagements in February 2014: a new, one-night live performance for the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara‘s ‘Forum Lounge’ performance series on February 6, and a series of performances and community workshop with The Trailer for the New Genre Arts Festival XXI, organized by Living Arts in Tulsa, OK.


PLAN at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara
February 6, 2014

Plan, a new live performance work, will feature the four artist-performers of The Bridge Club collaborative working to collect, process and interpret information using sensory and perceptual tools. This work will reference planning and plan-making as a metaphor, where the physical document of the plan (be it a list, map, or blueprint) attests to the ways that plans get derailed, remade or destroyed— physically, emotionally, psychologically or historically. The actions of the performers will allude to plans we make that are never realized or perhaps even spoken.


New Genre Arts Festival XXI at Living Arts
February 25- March 2, 2014

The Bridge Club will present a series of live performances and a community engagement session with The Trailer project at Living Arts and in the downtown Tulsa area from February 25 through March 2 as part of the 21st New Genre Arts Festival’s programming. Look for specific dates and times on the New Genre Festival’s website!