The Trailer. Mobile installation and touring series of live performance works; for more information, please visit the project website at 2013 – ongoing

The Trailer, an ongoing project of The Bridge Club collaborative, is an installation and series of live performance works centered around and inside of a vintage camping trailer. The Trailer operates, at different and overlapping times, as a mobile art installation offering ‘evidence’ of routes traveled, people encountered, and places experienced along the way; as a set and prop for live performances by The Bridge Club; and as an ‘archiving unit,’ in which we devise a variety of means of collecting visitors’ own histories, memories and experiences to be incorporated into the larger project. Each live performance with The Trailer is an entirely new, distinct site-specific work both planned according to its particular context and shaped unpredictably by the responses of its audience.

A full-color catalogue documenting the first two years of The Trailer project is available here.